Our Mission

To provide reliable supplements made with high-quality ingredients for women everywhere to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Our Story

“I have been in the vitamins & supplements industry since 2002, working in operations for a woman-owned business where I was able to acquire UltruSil, a potent liquid supplement from Jarrow Formulas. Since then, I have incorporated vitamins into my daily routine to lead a more enriched life. In my late 20s and into my 30s, I have felt enormous pressures, working 10-12 hours a day, all while taking care of my family and home. I attribute the energy that has and still continues to push me through to my daily intake of supplements, which include probiotics, vitamin C, omega-3, CoQ10, and more. I know that the quality of ingredients can have a significant influence on the effectiveness of supplements and help us maintain a good, healthy life. 

I know how tough life can be for working women, especially those at the executive level. That’s why bolstering the health and happiness of women became my goal when establishing NutriCelebrity. Using only trademarked ingredients to maintain quality and trust has allowed us to revive the strength and daily lives of women just like you."

Meryl Feng, Founder & CEO

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