Why Vitamin C Chewables Are Right For You

We're excited to bring to you our new product, Vitamin C Chewables!

Why Choose Vitamin C Chewables?

These convenient tablets are designed to provide you with your daily dose of nutrients to help strengthen your body's natural defenses.

This product is proudly made in the USA with all natural, high quality ingredients. With inclusivity and your well-being in mind, these chewables are:

  • GMO free
  • Gluten & Soy free
  • Yeast free
  • Dairy & Wheat free
  • Lactose free

What's Inside the Bottle?

You'll find 90 chewable tablets that each contain 500mg of Vitamin C. Paired with a natural orange flavor, ingredients like zinc and ginger root extract help to promote your body's growth, development, tissues, and reduce inflammation.

What is Vitamin C?

In short, it's an essential nutrient your body needs to boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health, enhance brain function, and much more. 

Vitamin C is water-soluble, which means that your body does not store it. So, we naturally turn to daily consumption of foods high in Vitamin C, especially fruits and vegetables, or supplements!

With an endless list of scientifically proven health benefits, building immunity is essentially the most significant one to consider in the age of COVID-19. Although some studies have shown there to be little to no effect on the symptoms or prevention of COVID-19, your body's ability to build immunity and recover quickly is crucial to ward off any ailments.

One of the most essential properties of Vitamin C is its ability to help the body absorb iron and prevent iron deficiencies, the most common cause of anemia. Did you know that anemia affects about 25% of the world population (about 1.6 billion people)?


  • Brain: Protects your thinking ability and memory as you age.
  • Heart: Helps widen blood vessels and manages high blood pressure. 
  • Bones: Necessary for normal bone development and maintaining bone health.
  • Eyes: A handful of research has shown it may help avoid macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Skin: Promotes younger looking skin by smoothing wrinkles and encourages collagen growth.

Maintaining Balance

  • Vitamin C levels too low: Deficiency is more likely in those who smoke, are exposed to secondhand smoke, or follow a limited diet low in fruits and vegetables. 
  • Vitamin C levels too high: The recommended maximum daily intake is 2,000 mg for adults. Overloading your body with larger than recommended amounts can lead to poor digestion. Some common symptoms of such excessive intake are diarrhea, nausea, iron overload, and kidney stones. 

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