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NutriCelebrity NutriFlora-Pro Probiotics for Women - Cranberry Supplement, Supports Vaginal & Urinary Tract Health, Digestive & Immune System Support, 10 Billion CFU Guaranteed, 6 Strains, (60 Caps)
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Supplement Facts

Product Description

  • Probiotic & Cranberry Supplement
  • Vaginal & Urinary Health Support
  • Promotes a Strong Digestive and Immune System
  • 60 Capsules
  • Product of USA

If you're healthy and want to stay that way...

Or if you have annoying recurring issues

NutriFlora-Pro® - Superior Vaginal Care & Urinary Tract Health

  • Tri-Action Formula with Cranberry, designed to balance urinary tract health while promoting complete digestive and immune support. Promotes vaginal comfort & microbiome balance.
  • Promotes vaginal health with probiotic strains naturally found in a healthy vaginal tract.
  • Scientific blend for safe use during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Formulated with :

  • 10 Billion CFU & 6 Naturally Occurring Probiotic Strains*
  • Whole Cranberry Powder.
  • Packaged with Alu/Alu blister pack to ensure long-term bioavailability.
  • L. crispatus has been linked to protection from an interruption in the balance of microorganisms in the vaginal tract.
  • Formulated with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli to support the GI tract and promote general well being.
  • 10 billion active cells per capsule at expiration date ensured.
  • 6 Clinically Documented Probiotic Strains 10 Billion CFU
  • Promotes Vaginal Health (with beneficial probiotic strains)
  • Support for Daily Well-Being
  • Helps Maintain Digestive and Immune Systems

6 Strains Backed by Science!

Lactobacillus acidophilus - Healthy bacteria found in the vagina known to decrease certain pathogenic yeast.

Lacto plantarum- Bacteria that creates antimicrobial substances that fight harmful bacteria in the gut

Lactobacillus gasseri - vaginal bacteria known to produce antimicrobial antibodies to help keep a healthy feminine body.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus - Helps a female urinary tract stop bacteria growth and helps prevent female-related infections

Lactobacillus crispatus - Fights bacterial vaginosis and other genital infections

Bifidobacterium lactis Useful probiotic that helps the gut maintain balance and prevent irritability

Survivability Ensured!

Our USA in-house laboratory has exceptional capabilities and an especially dedicated team of scientists. Our probiotic blend was made with specific strands that have been tested to withstand stomach acid and reach their destination. 10 billion active cells per capsule are assured at expiration date!

Additional Info

Exclusively made for NutriCelebrity
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Our proprietary blend of probiotics and cranberry was specially made with the female's body in mind. Your health is important to us so we carefully picked our ingredients to ensure that they complemented each other to promote your body's well-being.

When you're body's ph is imbalanced, the wrong kind of bacteria proliferate, and this usually leads to infection and troublesome symptoms. These imbalances can result in conditions such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV). This is where vaginal probiotics come in. Once the probiotics get to their destination they help promote healthy flora and reduce the number of harmful bacteria, leaving you feeling better and more active in your life.


Our probiotics replenish the natural gut flora found in a healthy body to combat gastrointestinal illnesses and other general issues that come from having too much unhealthy gut flora.

The microbiome in your gut can influence vaginal and urinary health, heart health, immune response, weight, energy, and mood. That's why it's important to make sure that healthy bacteria can flourish because they inhibit the pathogens that hurt your body.

Cranberries Pack a Punch!

Cranberries are a superfood naturally rich in PACs and antioxidants, including Vitamin C, and also contain Vitamin K, Vitamin E, fiber, and Manganese. These antioxidants help hinder bacteria from attaching to the lower urinary tract. Flush your impurities and regain your health!

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule per day before or during meals . Does not require refrigeration . Scientific blend safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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